Confident Career Decisions: 4-Step Framework

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If you're considering a big career shift or looking at multiple paths forward—e.g., a new role, a new company, or a new type of work altogether—the best move for you is the one that's anchored in your values, goals, interests, and overall vision for your life.

The only constant is change, whether for the better, the worse, the expected, or the unexpected.  As we move forward in life and our careers, it's natural for our values and priorities to shift, leading us to new crossroads and decisions to make a change.

We all have our own unique motivations and goals that underpin our decisions. That's why it is so important to double check our gut instincts and carefully consider our process by getting out of our heads, testing our assumptions, and doing our due diligence before taking the leap.

Refining your decision-making lens and implementing an intentional and strategic process can help us answer questions like:

  • Should I stay in my current role, make a lateral move to another team, or go to another company altogether?
  • Does it make sense for me to join a pre-IPO startup focused on an interesting problem space, find a team where I can grow my skills, or go for the biggest paycheck at a place where I may be bored with my work?
  • Would I do well as a manager or should I stay as a high-performing IC?
  • Would it help my career if I go back to school for an advanced degree?
  • What's the right path forward for me in such a competitive tech job market?

Move forward with confidence and make decisions you feel good about with a proven framework from my career coaching practice, anchored your unique goals, values, and experience.

This three-piece framework and template will walk you through the process of articulating exactly what you're looking for and how to use that information to assess the options on the table.

What do I get?

PART 1: An in-depth, reflective exercise that will help you explore and identify your core values so you can define what they look like in practice and design your list of criteria for evaluating career options.

PART 2: A self-reflection exercise to assess your current work situation, identify what's working well and what's missing, and get some direction and perspective for what's next.

PART 3: A comprehensive list of 70+ components & criteria to consider when deciding whether or not to apply for a job, proceed through the interview process, accept an offer, leave or stay in your current role, decide between offers, and more.

PART 4: A customizable Google sheets template with step-by-step instructions for gathering and analyzing data for your decision process, plus examples from real clients who have used this tool to work through several possibilities and identify the best path forward.

After purchase, you will receive instructions through Gumroad and links to view and make a copy of the materials.

About the creator

Amy Santee is a Career Strategist and Coach for UX professionals who want to design their careers with intention and bring their good to the world. As a personal growth and career development nerd, she has partnered with hundreds of individuals to implement a practice of self-research, self-advocacy, and strategy, so they have the tools to navigate the professional world with courage and confidence. She is a writer, speaker, and co-host of the podcast What is Wrong with Hiring.

Prior to coaching, Amy built a career as a UX researcher for product development and strategy in a range of industries including healthcare, automotive, retail, consumer tech, ecommerce, and civic design. Connect with Amy on LinkedIn or learn more at

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Confident Career Decisions: 4-Step Framework

3 ratings
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